How long have you been in business?

The addition of Polsan into our organization gives us more than 90 years of combined expertise as apparel industry leaders.

How can you provide quality products as such low prices?

As owners of our manufacturing facilities, we control pricing, delivery, inventory management, dyeing, shipping and billing.

Where are you located?

Offices in New York, Hong Kong, Korea and now Turkey help us monitor overseas production and overcome language barriers.

What countries are you operating at?

We drop ship to our customer's manufacturing facilities around the globe expediting deliveries and minimizing freight costs.

How durable are your products?

All buttons exceed dry cleaning industry standards for color fastness.

What is the ture cost of trim?

On average, trim makes up 3% of the total garment cost. Full-package companies don't want you to know that. Why would they? They typically hide trim costs into your full package price where they can inflate their costs by as much as 70-100%, not to mention the fact that the trim products are often off the card selections or stale trims. In other words, they charge you a lot for trim but don't value its importance in the final product.

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